RFC 135
Govt. Approved

Government Approved CNG Kits

We install imported CNG Kits from Argentina & Italy. All CNG Kits are Government Approved and Tested for safer performance and durability. CNG Kits are available for all type of petrol Cars. We have dedicated engineers for the fitments of CNG Kits. We also provide testing environment for the cars and other vehicles after fitments of CNG kits. CNG is better and cheaper fuel now days. 

Our Kits are well-performing for the cars. They do not destroy the car engine after installation if a proper maintenance process is taken. We also install an advancer to advance the pickup of CNG Kit fitted vehicle. Since CNG is a dry fuel (Gas) it does not harm the metallic part of engine. CNG Fitted car easily complete their life of 15 year without any extra repairing needs

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CNG kits are available for BS-6 Vehicle

We are delighted to inform you that CNG kits are available for Your Tata Vehicle
BS-6 Nexon, Altroz, Punch, Tiago, and Tigor and Your BS-6 Honda Vehicle - Amaze, Jazz and WR-V.
Enjoy your ride and run on environment friendly fuel
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