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Sequential CNG Kits Delhi

We offer best SEQUENTIAL CNG KITS Imported from Italy and Argentina. Price along with Best quality fitting for SEQUENTIAL CNG KITS ranges from Rs.45000 to Rs.65000. We have specialized and trained mechanics and the best industry experience of all types of CNG Kit Conversions for over 5 years.

100% Satisfaction is guaranteed!


  • CNG Regulator assembly.
  • CNG Injector rail assembly.
  • CNG Wiring Harness (Waterproof)
  • CNG – Petrol Automatic Changeover switch with buzzer
  • CNG Pressure Gauge
  • CNG MAP Sensor
  • CNG Nozzles
  • CNG Hose Clamps
  • CNG High Pressure Pipe
  • CNG Cylinder
  • CNG Cylinder Valve
  • CNG Vacuum Hoses
  • CNG Low pressure Hose
  • CNG Brass Tee (Connections)
  • CNG Temperature Sensor
  • CNG Filling Valve
Complete SEQUENTIAL CNG KIT installation (including miscellaneous fittings and labour)


Kapil Batra
Best CNG Kits Fitting in our Car. My car run at an average of 20 KM Per KG CNG. I save about 5000 Rupees fuel Cost every month since 2013. Almost 5 Lakhs Saved till Now with my I10 Car.

News Update

CNG kits are available for BS-6 Vehicle
We are delighted to inform you that CNG kits are available for Your Tata Vehicle
BS-6 Nexon, Altroz, Punch, Tiago, and Tigor and Your BS-6 Honda Vehicle - Amaze, Jazz and WR-V.
Enjoy your ride and run on environment friendly fuel
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